The Hows of Us: The Highest Grossing Filipino Movie

The Hows of Us: The Highest Grossing Filipino Movie

The Unconventional Love Story of George and PrimThe story follows George (Daniel Padilla) and Prim (Kathryn Bernardo), two college aged lovers who come from different worlds. After experiencing five years of blissful love, the two find themselves on the brink of breaking up due to the pressures of their individual goals for the future.The movie not only touches on the realities of a modern day romance but also the struggles faced by Filipinos. It showcases how hard work and optimism can help individuals reach their dreams despite their socio economic disadvantages.

Breaking Filipino Movie Records

“The Hows of Us” has become an unrivaled success that no other Filipino movie has achieved before! The movie earned a whopping 851 million pesos at the Philippine box office, easily breaking all-time domestic records.

Not only did this make it the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time, but it has also become the fifth highest-grossing romantic film of all time in the Philippines.

Making it Big in the International Scene

The movie has also gained recognition and success in the international scene. It has been screened at various film festivals and even won the Best Feature Film at the 11th New York International Film Festival in 2019.

Furthermore, it has been reported that “The Hows of Us” had the highest viewership among Filipino movies when it was released on Netflix.

The Legacy of “The Hows of Us”

“The Hows of Us” has become an undeniable success. It has definitely left its mark on Philippine cinema and even internationally. Its success has paved the way for other Filipino films to be more ambitious and tell more honest stories.

The movie opens doors for Filipino filmmakers to be able to explore more stories and to help the Philippine film industry grow.

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