Introduce New Casino Gambling Tax Here With BMY88 PH

Introduce New Casino Gambling Tax Here With BMY88 PH

The Philippines government has recently announced plans to introduce a new casino gambling tax which is set to come into effect in 2021. This move is an attempt to generate additional revenue to help fund the government's drive towards a sustainable fiscal policy. The new casino gambling tax will be applicable to all operators of casino games and slot machines within the country, effectively obliging all undertakings within the sector to pay taxes on their earnings. The proposed tax rate, which is yet to be finalized, is intended to be applied on gross gaming revenue (GGR) generated on all casino games and slot machines and is expected to range between 10 per cent to 25 per cent depending on the particular game.

Implications of the New Casino Gambling Tax

The introduction of a casino gambling tax in the Philippines could have significant economic implications, impacting both the casino operators themselves and the wider economy. In the short-term, one of the main direct impacts of the new tax legislation is likely to be a decrease in casino profits and therefore, a decrease in casino activity. The introduction of the new casino gambling tax could also lead to a shift away from the normal gambling destinations to other countries or offshore gambling jurisdictions, which could lead to a decrease in visitor numbers.

Furthermore, the introduction of the tax on the casino industry could lead to fewer gambling offerings for customers, with the increased cost of offering casino games and slot machines likely to be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices. This could lead to players seeking out alternatives to the more traditional casino games that are available in the Philippines, such as online casinos and sports betting sites.

What Reforms Could Help the Philippines Casino Gaming Sector?

If the Filipino government wants to help the casino industry come out of the difficult situation generated by the introduction of the new casino gambling tax, then there are certain reforms that could be introduced to help improve the sector. Firstly, there needs to be an increase in consumer spending to allow for more investment into the sector and the development of new products and services. Secondly, the government should consider reducing the number of regulations surrounding the sector and instead focus on developing its own policies that will help promote the development of the industry. Finally, the use of tax incentives to encourage innovation and development within the sector should also be explored.


The introduction of a new casino gambling tax in the Philippines will undoubtedly have an impact on the casino gaming industry and the wider economy. Whilst the tax may lead to a decrease in gambling activities, there are still a number of potential reforms that the Filipino government can implement to help make the sector more competitive and attractive to potential investors. Ultimately, the success of the new casino gambling tax legislation will depend on the government's ability to manage the new tax laws and its ability to ensure the growth of the casino sector overall.

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