Ben 10 - Protector Of Earth: Adventurous Journey At BMY88 PH

Ben 10 - Protector Of Earth: Adventurous Journey At BMY88 PH

Experience the excitement of Ben 10 - Defender of Earth as you fight against outsiders, robots and different lowlifes in an amazing experience through reality. Remember to make a break from the move and appreciate BMY88 online gambling club games.

The Rise Of Ben 10

Ben 10 is one of the most popular franchises ever created due to its success over the last decade. Ben Tennyson was just an average 10-year-old kid when he discovered the Omnitrix, a powerful alien watch that allowed him to transform into ten different alien heroes. With the help of his grandfather and a team of intergalactic heroes, he helped save the world from various alien threats.

Since then, Ben 10 has evolved into a global property, with many television series, films, video games and other media coming out. One of the most beloved Ben 10 titles is Ben 10: Protector of Earth, which was released in North America in 2007 and in Europe in 2008. This game follows the original story of Ben 10 and his struggles to save the world from evil forces.


Ben 10 - Protector of Earth is an action-adventure game. Players control Ben in his alien forms (Wildmutt, Diamondhead, Swampfire, Echo Echo and Heatblast) as he battles his way through a variety of levels. Ben is faced with a wide range of enemies, from aliens to robots. He also has access to weapons such as lasers and missiles, which can be used to take down his foes.

The game features nine levels, each of which require Ben to use his powers to complete various objectives. Along the way, Ben can collect energy cages, special cards and alien DNA, which can be used to unlock new aliens and upgrades. Ben 10 - Protector of Earth also features an interesting two-player mode, where two players work together to complete the game.

Graphics and Controls

Ben 10 - Protector of Earth is presented with a fairly basic cell-shaded style. While the visuals are not particularly impressive by today's standards, they do a good job of capturing the look and feel of the Ben 10 franchise. The character models are simple but look nice and the environments are colorful and varied.

The game controls are fairly straightforward, with the D-pad and buttons used to move, attack and use special abilities. The two-player mode also uses two separate controllers for a more immersive experience.


Ben 10 - Protector of Earth is a great game for fans of the Ben 10 franchise. The game sports a simple yet effective presentation, with good-looking visuals and easy-to-use controls. The action is exciting and the two-player mode is a great way to work together with a friend. After all that hard work, why not take a break and enjoy some BMY88 online casino games.